Tireless shadows

Human action in the shadow of a living being. And far from selfishness, with the care for them I felt boundless kindness. Words that inspired the beginning of this project.
As an author, I have always aimed to make my work feel, show, seek and find answers.
From the first frame, I already had my own way of reading, my own way of expressing myself, my own way of taking out some of my emotion and sealing it in a frame, my own way of leaving a mark that speaks in silence.
An old Bulgarian proverb reads “away from the eyes, away from the mind”.
I can’t afford to just leave my mind away from this emotion.
I spend time in different periods to document the work that is done for the animals. A time to build my relationship with the animal in order to recreate an already strong one. Time to get to know the people who make incredible efforts to pay off in horsepower.
Each person is an amazing creation, a super-organism and as such he cultivates good in himself. And why not, by caring for one’s own nature… .. to the search for the animal in the soul?
How much more amazing, mythical and mystical animal.
I recreated the doctrine of goodness in man, through care in the shadows, so inconspicuous but moving life.
The project will be the first to undergo its development, as in the normal relationship between living beings.