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Hello, my name is Ivaylo Gruev.

I started making photography in the recent 2013. Then I bought my first camera and although new to the profession, I understood that it was not just a “camera”, but a means of capturing moments. Thus, over time, the passion for photography became a vocation. I became a thief at times!

For a long time I just watched from the side, then I started stalking them to catch them, and after mastering the power of light as much as I could, I retrained as a professional hunter of real emotions. Later I built my own style, which I develop every day.

I love neutral and unsaturated tones, and black and white photography is more than my favorite!

I like the spontaneous moments, the moments when people don’t notice that I’m shooting them, then the shot is the most real, the most sensual and the most intimate. When there are no set scenes and static poses.

I thought for a long time that I feel the greatest pleasure from work, especially when I photograph people in love, proud of their success, cheerful and funny, until I realized that this is only a part of life. A general sample in which only complete happiness is seen, and it is more than unreal and boring. I was very scattered and did not know where, how, when and why. All I knew was that I wasn’t in place and that I didn’t like this incompleteness of emotion.

In my quest to find a way to show the world in its truest form, I have come face to face with many human lives. I wanted so badly to make them a visually sealed part of the world, to give them what they gave me, namely parts of their lives.
I will not forget my excitement recognizing myself in documentary photography. The one in which there is no uniformity, through which you look into the lens and not just look, but see, in which life is literally caught in a step and sealed in time, always this was the piece that I missed for so long.

Today, photography for me is a huge wave of inspiration, which I do not feel obliged to, but I want to ride, because on this wave everything can inspire me, as well as in life. I realized that if I didn’t experience the moment to the fullest, I was just a superficial expression of emotion and that person with a camera and photos without value reflection.

I rediscovered photography again and now, for me, it is a way of expressing souls and lives!